The Sterner’s Tae Kwon Do Academy


We are a full-service Tae Kwon Do and After School Academy that pays tribute to the traditions and values of Martial Arts Training providing the best student experience possible.

The participation of Tae Kwon Do consists of both mental and physical training. Not only will this training be in the classroom, but it will stick with you throughout your everyday life. By practicing the art consistently, one will become more self-disciplined, in better physical shape, and have more self-esteem. This is a great opportunity for you, so work hard and we will all watch you succeed.

Here are some key things we will provide you or your child with:


Fun Atmosphere – We have super fun packed and high energy classes so your child will love coming to class every time!


Life Skills Training – We empower your child with the Confidence to take on everyday life  challenges, Focus to learn in any classroom, Self-Discipline, and Respect for themselves and others.


World Class Instructors – We have some of the best Instructors in the country. What makes them the best is how much they will care about your child and will help them succeed in Martial Arts and in their journey in life.


State of the Art Training Facility – Our Facilities in Herndon, VA are always clean  and designed to make your Martial Arts experience at our school the best Herndon has to offer with all state of the art equipment .


Tae Kwon Do Classes for Ages 2-5

Our Jungle program in Herndon, Virginia teaches Taekwondo to ages 2-4 while incorporating essential life skills to empower your child at an early stage in their life. We encourage them through developing our four key Skills, Focus, Confidence, Self-Control, and Respect for themselves and others they encounter.

We help them develop our core four life skill through a really fun and interactive Martial Arts program for kids.

Tae Kwon Do Classes for ages 6-12

Warriors class is specifically designed to teach children between the ages of 7-12 Taekwondo in a really fun and interactive environment . We promote Discipline, Confidence, Respect, and Self- Control empower our Karate Kids to succeed in their life while having fun learning Self-Defense. When working on Self-Defense we teach awareness and self-protection in age specific scenarios like dealing with bullies at school or Stranger Danger

Tae Kwon Do Classes for ages 13 – Adult

Our Teen & Adult program helps you get in shape, stay in shape, and learn how to defend yourself in any situation that you may encounter. We will give you the Self Confidence of being in better shape and giving you the ability to protect yourself if that situation ever comes up.  Come try a free intro class and see how we can improve your life forever

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