Our Jungle program in Ashburn, Virginia teaches Taekwondo to ages 2-4 while incorporating essential life skills to empower your child at an early stage in their life. We encourage them through developing our four key Skills, Focus, Confidence, Self-Control, and Respect for themselves and others they encounter.

We help them develop our core four life skill through a really fun and interactive Martial Arts program for kids.

Through organized activities and training drills we help our students learn the respect for themselves and others all while getting a great FUN workout.

Focus – Education is extremely important to me as a parent and I want my child to be able to focus on his teacher at school . In each Little Dragons Class the children are taught to pay attention 100% of the time. This gets them into the habit of focusing on a teacher in a classroom setting; a perfect thing to teach them early on in their life!


Discipline – We will teach your child to follow the rules in their Taekwondo class, at home, and at school. They explain this in a way that 4, 5, and 6 year olds can understand and practice while also reinforcing good behaviour at home and in class.


I could not recommend this program enough to other parents of young children!

Taekwondo – Taekwondo is a Martial Art that is great at helping young children develop Gross and Fine Motor skills. They will learn Blocks and Strikes with their hands and stances and kicks to make their legs strong and coordinated.


Bully Self Defense  We teach all of our students how to deal with bullies in any area of their life. We cover appropriate actions and steps to take with verbal and physical abuse by a bully.


Stranger Danger – Our Stranger Danger Curriculum covers awareness, using your voice, who to get if you are in danger, and what to do if a stranger grabs you. When your child holds a Black Belt in our Taekwondo Program you will never have to worry about if they are safe while walking home from school or playing at a friends house.

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